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    Craftbrewer established by Ross Kenrick in 2006. Ross was a very keen all grain brewer who found it hard to easily source a variety of ingredients from local suppliers. The business started online in 2006 supplying hops and other hard to get items.

    In 2008 Craftbrewer expanded into a full retail store. Taking over the Pub Shop in Underwood. Allowing the business to carry a wider range of ingredients and equipment specialising in all grain brewing.

    In 2010 Ross purchased Bacchus Brewing in Capalaba and Craftbrewer moved operations into the brewery at Capalaba. With the purchase of the brewery we were able to supply our own range of beers into the local market.

    We also commenced production of our own range of Fresh Wort Kits in 2011 using the Bacchus Brewery. We now carry a range of over 40 different styles of Fresh Wort Kits that we produce at in store at Craftbrewer in a 200 litre Braumeister system.

    With the success of the brewery in the commercial Craft Beer market Bacchus Brewing was expanded in 2014 and a bar was built in the brewery. With the expansion of Bacchus Brewing the Craftbrewer business was relocated 2 doors up the road at our current location (Unit 2/4 Christine Place).

    Craftbrewer has had a long involvement with supporting Brewing Clubs, particularly with a close association with BABBS (Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers) and has been a host and sponsor of the Qld Amateur Brewing Competition for many years. With the view to further expand the appreciation and knowledge of making and enjoying good beer.

    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned brewer with our range of ingredients, equipment, experience and advice we aim to help you make the best beer possible.