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    John Guest Gas & Beer line ID 6mm OD 8mm

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    S/S Clamp - Adjustable


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    Faucet Spout Plug

    From $1.50

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    Purchase 5 or more & the price drops to $1.50 each, automatically.
    A spout plug is an economical solution for controlling fruit flies, cockroaches, 
    yeast and bacteria buildup when the faucet is not in use. 
    Please note: Current stock are black in colour, not red as shown.

    John Guest Beer/Gas line (OD 8mm, ID 5mm)


    In stock

    Highly polished line with a narrower ID (OD 8mm - ID 5mm) than our regular
    JG line. Perfect for quick release connections. (Sold by the metre).

    Grain Bag - For brew In A Bag (BIAB)


    Out of stock

    Commercial Grade Grain Bag for BIAB.  NEW IMPROVED DESIGN - SAME PRICE!!!
    More open weave (230% increase), more heavy duty (100%+ increase).
    Manufactured from food grade nylon with reinforced seams.
    8 x reinforced lifting loops with draw string to secure bag to top of pot.
    Tapered shape for easy lifting & draining. 485mm diameter top,
    350 mm diameter round flat bottom & 700mm deep/long.
    Fits our urns, 70L Kettles & 100L kettles.

    Beer/Gas Line (Valpar - Super FlexMaster)

    From $1.80

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