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    Glass Pint Dimple (570ml)


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    Faucet Spout Plug

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    A spout plug is an economical solution for controlling fruit flies, cockroaches, 
    yeast and bacteria buildup when the faucet is not in use. 
    Please note: Current stock are black in colour, not red as shown.

    Bottle Brush - Nylon


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    Nylon Bottle Brush

    Clarity Ferm - White Labs 10 ml vial


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    CLARITY-FERM is used to increase the collodial stability of beer by reducing chill haze. It is also used for producing gluten reduced beers in beers made from barley and wheat. An easy way to eliminate chill haze in your finished beer or to produce gluten reduced beer is to add one vial of Clarity Ferm to your fermenter prior to the onset of fermentation. Use 1 vial per 23 litre batch. Does not alter beer flavor or aroma. Has no effect on head retention.

    Medium Toasted French Oak Mini Staves/Dominoes 100g

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    Medium Toasted French Oak Mini Staves / Dominoes. They are a premium long grained oak product used for adding oak flavours to spirit or beer.
    500gm packs for $22.50. Just select 5 items. Pricing will update automatically.

    Fermentasaurus - SS Float & 60cm Silicone Dip Tube


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    60cm silicone dip tube and stainless float. This is a replacement part for the fermentasaurus pressure kit but can also be used to fit a floating dip tube to a normal corny keg.