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    Grain Ordering Instructions

    Grain is available to be purchased both milled (cracked) and unmilled. Our milled grains are freshly cracked to order and sealed in vacuum packed bags. Milled grain supplied in this manner will stay fresh for months, just store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

    We offer the milling service free of charge (with the exception of bulk grain quantities). A minimum quantity of 500 grams is required for any grain to be milled and packed in a separate bag. A combination of smaller quantities totalling 500 gram or more can be milled as long as they are packed in the same bag.

    Unmilled grain can be ordered in any quantity.

    The pricing on the grain is based on the quantity purchased. The pricing will calculate automatically when added to the cart.

    The price breaks are as follows:

    0 - 4.99 kg

    5 - 24.99 kg

    25 kg + (Bulk 25 kg Sacks).

    Please note 25 kg sacks of bulk grain will be supplied unmilled in the original packaging. If you require bulk grain to be milled please contact us for further instruction.

    The website is set up to allow you to choose if you want the grain MILLED or UNMILLED. It also allows you to choose which grains you would like to be packed together into up to 20 separate bags if you wish to combine grains for recipes.

    Ordering process

    1.Choose the first grain you wish to order.

    Using the drop down box pick either MILLED or UNMILLED.

    2. Then use the drop down box to choose BAG ONE

    3. Add the quantity required in kg and click add to cart.                                                                  

    E.g. If you require 2 kg grams enter it in as 2

    If you require 555 grams enter it in as 0.555

    If you require a bulk 25kg sack simply enter in 25

    4. If you require more grain to be added to the same bag simply repeat the process choosing BAG ONE from the down box.
    5. If you require more grain and wish for it to be packed in a separate bag simply repeat the process choosing BAG TWO from the down box.

    6. Simply continue in the same manner for any further grain required.