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    Cascade NZ (Taiheke) Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $8.90

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    Galaxy Hops (Flowers 90gm)

    From $8.50

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    Galaxy hop flowers. AUS - Crop 2016 (AA 14.3%)  
    Galaxy has a striking flavour, described as a combination of citrus & passionfruit.
    With the added bonus of high AA this could become a craft brewers favourite..

    Motueka (B Saaz) Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $8.50

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    Pacific Gem Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $7.00

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    Pacific Gem hop flowers. NZ - Crop '05 (AA 13.7%)
    Pacific Gem can produce a cask oak flavour with distinct blackberry aroma, 
    along with a woody character. Used successfully in many beers worldwide.

    Pacific Hallertau (Pacifica)Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $7.90

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    Pacific Jade Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $8.50

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    Pacific Jade hop flowers. NZ - Crop '2014 (AA 15.4%) 
    The aroma of this hop is described as “bold” as it delivers a
    herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper.

    Riwaka (D Saaz) Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $11.50

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    Riwaka (D Saaz) hop flowers. NZ Crop 2015 (AA 4.6%)  
    Its powerful grapefruit “citrus” characters are literally breathtaking. 
    Personally, I get peach & tangerine zest...
    If you want to say “hops” in your beer, D Saaz says it all.

    Summer Hops (Flowers 90g)

    From $7.50

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    Summer Hop Flowers. AUS - Crop 2016 (AA 5.8%)
    Another exciting new Aussie hop. Summer is characterised by balanced, sweet & fruity hop aromas, showing passionfruit,citrus & melon. Similar to its Czech Saaz parent, but without the spicy characteristic.

    Wai-iti Hop Flowers NZ (Flowers 90g)

    From $8.50

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    Wai-iti Hop flowers. NZ - Crop 2014 (AA 4.2%)
    This hop has a reasonable weight of oil which is further enhanced as a ratio to alpha based on this variety being selected as a low alpha type to showcase its aroma characters which are startlingly of citrus made up of mandarin, lemon and lime zest..really intense. Low Coh adds to the overall quality of the finish which is soft.

    Waimea Hop Flowers NZ (Flowers 90g)

    From $8.50

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    Waimea hop flowers. NZ - Crop 2014 (AA 17.5%)
    Quality bitterness & aroma abound with fruity tangelo citrus, pine and mango character. With an outstanding oils profile, high alpha, low cohumlone and excellent agronomic performance make Waimea an exciting new world hop.

    Wakatu (Hallertau Aroma) Hops (Flowers 90gm)

    From $8.90

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    Wakatu (Hallertau Aroma) hop flowers. NZ - Crop 2014 (AA 7.7%)  
    Slightly less spicy than Hallertau Mittlefrüh. This hop variety has a distinct 
    mix of floral & slightly citrus character, with superb aroma quality.

    Willamette Hops (flowers 90gm)

    From $8.90

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    Willamette hop flowers. NZ - Crop 2015 (AA 6.0%)  
    NZ grown, American version of Fuggles. A quality aroma hop.
    Use in English style ales or apa's, you won't be dissapointed

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