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    Plug - OD 5/16" (8mm)

    End cap for quick release fittings
    SKU: JG-PM0808S

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    Keg - 19L Cornelius Ball Lock (Used and Not Reconditioned)

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    Purchase 2 or more & the price drops to $80 each, automatically.
    These used Ball Lock kegs are not reconditioned or pressure tested. They may have loose or damaged rubbers on the handles and/or bases.
      They may have stickers and some dings. They will need to be cleaned internally and externally and may contain some syrup residue. The Keg lid has a Pressure Relief Valve.
    We recommend replacing the seals with a Cornelius Keg Seal Kit.

    Straight Reducer 3/8" to 5/16" (8mm)


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    3/8" Stem x 5/16" (8mm OD) Tube. Use this inline reducer to connect our John Guest 3/8" Shut Off Valve to 8mm OD hose.

    The Ultimate Growler


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     The ULTIMATE Growler - 2 Litre
    This growler is made from 304grade stainless steel.

    Funnel 15cm Plastic


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    Funnel 15cm Plastic

    Keg 9.5 Litre New Rubber Top


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    Brand New 9.5 Litre Ball Lock Keg (Rubber Top)
    These premium brand new kegs are rated to 130psi working pressure and are made using the robotic orbital welding machine.The finish on these kegs are far superior to other new economy stainless steel kegs on the market and are made with super smooth weld making them sanitary and easier to clean. Approx 370mm high and 220 mm diameter.